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About Us

About Love-HK

The idea behind the creation of the "Love-hk" site is to provide an online platform through the Internet functions with the purpose to update, share and acquire medical information for users as reference, and to share their own experiences of "seeing a doctor" with others.

Our ambition is to lend a helping hand to people in need, and assist them to find a good doctor as soon as possible.

Love-hk is an online platform for everyone to share and value their after-experience of doctor consultation, the doctors' information within the site is verified through hand, and through you to provide comments. With our user-friendly scoring function, users can concisely evaluate their experience, doctors' service, price, efficacy, etc.. From the total score ranking, users can find an eligible fit for their own doctors catering different needs. Through this platform, you can share your disease-combating stories with doctors, in the meantime, you can help people in need, and let others can feel your gratitude towards your doctor who gives you the care you needed.

Also we need your help

The internet platform of Love-hk, needs to collect your thoughts, opinions and ratings as well as other relevant information, to provide users with the most informative and accurate search.

  • When people are sick, yet they could not find a suitable doctor in time, and go on struggling with the disease, the situation can be very disheartening.
  • When you have recovered from an illness after proper medical treatment and procedures, you would also like to put others in good hands, and offer them valuable advice, so that they go through the process of rehabilitation at ease.
  • A few words of valuable advice can make a huge difference.
  • So no matter who you are, as long as you are willing to help, this act of kindness reveals the most meaningful and enlightening side of you.
  • Moreover, if you ever come across a good physician, you would also want to show them your appreciation, and preach his ethics to others.

Love-hk online database currently lists more than 4000 doctors, we continue to update the information in the future more doctors, and will expand to doctors who specialize in other fields, such as the category of dental health, traditional Chinese medicine and so on.


E-daifu Hot Line:3568 5307

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